Unable to do calulcation in Matrix used in RDL

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    Hi All,
    I am making one report with the help of matrix in rdl. the column structure like Category, Brand and product. I have used grouping over there. Category "+" sign you will click then Brand list will get open in another column. My query is I am calculating DIO over there,  eg. I have two products p1, p2 in Category A. There DIO are 69 and 13 product wise. In Category wise  it's giving me sum i.e 82. But Actually it gets calculated category level. which I am unable to do.

    Category      Product   DIO
      A                                82
                            P1        69
                            P2        13

    Item 159 1116 13
    Item 158 207 69
    Cat 317 2123 13

    Logic for third column is like (159/1116)*90=13
    So same will get calculate for Category level.

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    If I understand correctly from your description, you need a column group.  The column group is actually the expression that you are describing.  This should allow for the click-through calculation you are looking for.

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