Unable to create report in VS 2017

  • I have downloaded and installed Visual Studio 2017 and can connect to SQL Server databases but I'm not able to create a report solution/project. I thought I installed data tools (?) Thanks for any help!

  • For VS 2017 and below you need to install SSDT for the right version of VS you have.

    For VS2019 you need to install the extensions from the marketplace.

    All should be covered in the below.


  • I download the installer from which I can choose SSRS and SSIS but when I try to launch the installer I consistently get the following error: Please close the following: VS_Installer (11384) and VS_installershell (5188).

  • Then it seems the installer is hanging around for a previous install, in task manager kill the processes 11384 and 5188 or reboot your machine and then try again.

  • That worked.... thanks!

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