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  • I have this report, see below, that works great. Enter the employee number and these two separate tables/tablix populate. How do I take this report, or another one, and have a page per employee for all employees in a single report? It is easy when I have a single table/tablix. But this is two that appear on the same page.

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  • Not a 100% on this, but set the SQL for each to not check for a specific employee.  Set the page breaks to be on the Employee.


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  • Drop a Tablix onto the report canvas, add the EmployeeID, group by it, and put a page break between instances. Then put the other report inside it as a subreport (?)

  • I personally dislike sub-reports because I have seen too many performance issues.

    Have you tried combining the 2 tables into 1 table?  That should work and make page breaks easy to implement.


  • I'm not sure how to combine two different types of tables into one. How do I force a page break on employee? Since they are two separate tables the results are not working well.

  • If I include it as a sub report it only shows the first employee because the parameter expression is =First(Fields!Employee.Value, "Employee").  If I take out the first I get an aggregate error, i.e.  =Fields!Employee.Value, "Employee"

  • Have you tried combining the queries into 1 query?  You could use a CTE to produce the aggregates and then join those to the details.  Your query would then fit nicely into a single SSRS table.


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