TSQL - Identity_Insert

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  • Good question to start the day 🙂

    To get quick answer follow this link:

  • Interesting question, thanks.

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  • Good Question and nice explanation....

  • Good question for this early in morning. Thanks

  • Thanks for the question!

    Everything is awesome!

  • Interesting question. I'm surprised so many got it right - surely people don't use identity insert so much that they either know this from experience or have taken care to learn it so as not to find out the hard way? Certainly it's something I must have known once (when first learning to use SQL Server, some time in the mists of antiquity) but I had completely forgotten it so I got it wrong. So it was a useful reminder for me.


  • good question ... thanks

  • The past two years I have been handling data migration, so I have had to use this quite a bit. Nice easy question for a day that feels like Monday.


  • Thanks for a nice and easy midweek question

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  • In the past 10 years, I played a lot with SET identity_insert. I'm a specialist!

  • nice question....:-)

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  • I've been playing with identity columns quite lot in the past two years so found it easy to resolve. But nice question. Cheers 🙂

  • :blush:

    If I hadn't tried it out I would have gotten it wrong.

    :blush: again...

    ...is this English grammar correct, by the way?

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  • :blush: umm, what should you do when you can't perform simple math in your head? This was a pretty simple question (since I have been dealing with IDENTITY_INSERT for several years now) but the simple addition of 100 + 1 + 1 trips me up? Time to back to the dunce cap...

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