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  • I know I'm probably being a complete dweeb, but I'm stumped by the trusted Connection issue once again. I had a HDD crash the other day, so am installing everything from scratch on a new hard disk.

    Just done the SQL Server 2000 Client installation plus SP3a but when I connect using Integrated Security it fails consistently as it is not a trusted connection. Connecting using sa plus password works fine. This is the case with either EM and QA.

    I cannot for the life of me remember what to do to make the SQL Server see my W/S as a trusted connection. We do not have a domain, only a work group. Server is running Windows 2000 AS and my W/S is running Win XPPro SP2. I do have a user account on the Win 2000 Server, and id is the same one that I sue to log onto my Win XPPro W/S.

    All is as it was originally, and Integrated Security worked fine, now it won't. Can somebody please point out to me the obvious which I must be missing.



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  • Hi,

    Don't feel bad, I hate dealing with security and am probably one of the least qualified people to answer this. But I know that you have to create a login, which you associate with your user account as well as any server roles and you do that under the security node in EM. Then, under the node for any database that you access, you would create a user, which you associate with the server login as well as any database roles.

    Hope this helps

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