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    We currently have 5 databases being replicated bidirectionally to another SQL Server instance using SQL Replication - Transactional (via T-SQL scripts). Both instances are running SQL Server 2012 Standard. Long story short: we back up a database in instance A, and then we restore it in instance B which then will synchronize the "delta", some scripting in between.

    When we affect instance A's databases those transactions go immediately to instance B's databases and vice versa.

    We need to upgrade both instances to SQL Server 2017 Standard with no downtime. Could we generate this type of replication from SQL 2012 to SQL 2017? I mean, from instance A to instance C, then from instance C to instance D and finally shutting down instances A and B?


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  • I've not checked but even if the documentation and every MVP in the world said "Yes, that'll work",  I'd try it on a couple of test systems first.  My recommendation is to cut to the chase and try it on a couple of test systems now.

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  • I found yesterday that it could work from 2012 to 2016, and then to 2017.

    We'll give it a try.

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