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  • Nice question

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  • Nice question, I liked that it is clean and straightforward, no tricks. The column names in that table of yours are not very nice though. 😀


  • Nice question, thanks!

  • a very good question... thanks 🙂

  • nice!! but tough to concentrate........

  • good question

  • Nice question. You got me with the last SELECT setting the value to 1. I thought it returned 0.

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  • Can anyone explain me, how does it return '1' as the last rowcount???

  • sakthi_madan,

    Run in query analyser:



    The first statement returns a row with 0

    The second statement is the count of rows returned from the first, i.e 1 row of 0.

    Hope that makes sense.

    I got the answer wrong as well... so close yet so far. Good question.


  • Yeah thanks...

    Now i got it...

    Thanks for your reply..!!!

  • Yep. @@rowcount is a cruel mistress. I avoid her like a rash. 😀

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  • Nice question. Thanks.

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  • Nice question, but, if we run the given script, don't we have an error on this line ?

    select @@rowcount-- check this one out


  • No.. i'm not getting any error..

    are you??

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