Today's newsletter email had misdirected links (4/22)

  • Jeff Moden

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    Today's email newsletter features an article titled "Service Broker Part 2: Why Service Broker".  If you click on that link, you'll be taken to, instead, a 2012 article by Tony Davis on the subject of "Data Compression Double Take".  The link has the underlying address of...




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  • Sue_H

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    That is weird - when I click on mine, it goes to the correct article/link. There was something in the newsletter last week that took me to the Data Compression article but the links have been fine since then.


  • Steve Jones - SSC Editor

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    Crazy. Didn't see this as it worked for me in multiple tests. The issue is the scheduler has to publish the content or it's hidden. Hidden content is a 404, but it ends up on the Tony Davis article. We're working on a couple fixes, but they're not deployed. The scheduler, no idea. Tagged that as a highest priority item.


    Long story:Wordpress accounts for possible truncation of URLs, or slight changes. If it gets a missing URL, before kicking a 404, it does a "like" search for articles that might match. Then it returns one of those. That seems insane to me, but we discovered this in tracking down a few items across the last week.

    In our case, because we have a lot of URL redirects, and some are not yet programmed in, we have some content that kicks out 0 rows, which causes WordPress to do a like search of sorts. I don't want to spend time tracking the technical details of what happens, but I've asked that we note the 404 and drop the user to the search page.


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