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  • BTW, I'm taking my first day off in 9 months. Its for my anniversary which is on Monday. I'm afraid to take more time off than that. Plus it takes a heck of a lot of time for me to build up just 5 days off.


  • Wow. I did not notice the "age" of this editorial, but after wading through 8 pages of responses, I can finally say.... Been there, done that! to all the folks who insist that they can't take their vacation days. Today is my first day back after taking essentially ALL of September 2016 off to join my wife in a two week intensive language school in mountainous Italy, followed by a 10 day Rick Steves tour of Venice, Florence and Rome! What a blast!! Learning the lingo (or critical phrases any way) during the first two weeks really made the Steves tour so much more fun. I even think I lost a couple of pounds with all the walking that we did. I did not think of work once and did not check my email at all until we got home on the 28th.

    As a local government employee, my vacation plan is quite generous, but like others, never actually found the time to want to go somewhere. As I have gotten older though, taking the time off has become very important, especially since I was rapidly approaching the limit of what I could accrue without losing my vacation days. But this trip has solved that problem, and now I am wading through the 462 emails that are sitting in my in-basket.

    For those of you that are thinking you can't go on vacation - rethink it. I feel really relaxed, ready to go back to work. I should have done a longer vacation sooner, but felt that I couldn't because of the job. The job is still here after 27 days, so go for it - take your vacation time. It is YOURS to take!

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