Third-Party TDE?

  • I work for a small company and we have a lot of very sensitive data in our (legacy) database applications that we need to encrypt. We have just recently upgraded them from SQL 2000 to SQL 2008 R2 and SQL 2012 Standard. We'd love to just enable TDE, but of course there is no TDE available on Standard Edition. Refactoring to use column-level encryption is not feasible since much of the sensitive data we need to encrypt is being used as primary and foreign keys, and encrypted columns cannot be indexed (curse you, natural keys!).

    Anyway, there is no way the company can afford Enterprise Edition. Is there a third-party application that can do this? I found Netlib's Encryptionizer, which looks promising, but that is all I've found. Does anyone know of any other products that might be more affordable?

  • My google search qucikly turned up 3 possibilities.... Vantive, Vormetric, and SafeNet. Didn't do a deep dive on any of those, though.

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  • This is an old post and I don't know if it is being monitored anymore, but besides the three mentioned above, there is also Encryptionizer for SQL Server It works with all editions of SQL Server from Express to Enterprise. (Disclaimer: I am with NetLib Security)

  • Transparent information encryption (TDE) is supplied natively in the database (DBMS), and third-party enterprise encryption operates impartial of the database and also provides obvious information encryption. Each imparting affords wonderful benefits and disadvantages.

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