Third Party Log Utilities - Recommendations?

  • There are a bunch of 3rd party log utilities including:

    Log Explorer (Lumigent)
    Log P.I. (Coherent Software Corp)
    ApexSQL Log (ApexSQL Software

    I'd love to hear people's experiences with these or other products. We're considering acquiring something to make available enterprise-wide so if you've implemented any of these in an enterprise environment that would be helpful.

    Any and all comments are appreciated...


  • For what purpose are you using them? Do you use them to check your errorlog for certain entries or can you view and/or modify your transaction log?

  • We use log explorer here in our shop. The only complaint I have is it isn't cluster aware so if you fail the node over it can't find the dlls for the extended stored procedures. I love the fact it has part of entegras monitoring built in so you can see schema changes and a host of other useful things.


  • Axel,

    I'm looking to find out what people use and what they use it for. We're trying to figure out not only the best tool, but the best practices (sort of a chicken and the egg...)


  • We use Log Explorer - mainly to audit what happens with our databases - who made the changes, who accessed what data, who's running all the reports, etc.  Not a bad app, but, as someone else pointed out, it doesn't like Virtual servers created by a cluster.

  • We're using Log Explorer here as well. It seems to work great for non-clustered servers. Unfortunately, as others here have pointed out, it seems to have some significant problems running on clustered SQL Servers. It's been a serious hassle for me, to the point where I'm seriously starting to consider looking at other products. Hopefully they'll address some of these issues in a future release.

  • We use logpi. In last few months they have come up with new version which are much beter then older versions. The scanning speed has been improved. Stability is good too. I think, new version does support clustring.

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