The Ultimate Index Lister (Pivoted)

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  • Jesse,

    That script is not rerunnable - try this for your existence check.

    IF EXISTS (SELECT * FROM dbo.sysobjects WHERE id = object_id(N'[dbo].[SP_Name]') and OBJECTPROPERTY(id, N'IsProcedure') = 1)


    DROP PROCEDURE [dbo].[SP_Name]


    Good utility otherwise,


  • I submitted a fix for the existance check. The 'U' should be 'P'. Several other of my submissions had the same issue and I submitted fixes for them also.

  • Nice -

    IF OBJECT_ID('dbo.Util_ListIndexes_Columns', 'P') IS NOT NULL


    DROP PROCEDURE dbo.Util_ListIndexes_Columns


    is a bit more compact 😉

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