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  • PAH-440118

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    The glass only has had orange juice in it. I t is a commemorative one give because I have donated so much blood. I have my di-cast Star Wars characters and right in front of them is a tiny spider that has been walking about my desk all morning. There are also pens, a plastic clip for a bag, a phone charger, a wipe for my glasses, a PASS sticker and finally a Bluetooth speaker for my phone.

  • simon.wright 24912

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    My desk includes a small piece of Scotland, which doubles as a coaster for my coffee cup, and a bit of the Tatra mountains (Polish/Slovak border), the Rockies and Iceland. They remind me of the big, beautiful world out there when I'm stuck in the office.

  • Carl Landry

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    Don't you have a piggy around? I do.

    He's got a very good ear and can give you ideas or fix some bad code, when you can't see clear through it, after so many hours of discouragement. Just talk loud enough for Teddy to hear you, but not enough for your co-workers to notice you're talking alone ("Hey! I'm not talking alone. I'm talking to Piggy.").
    I even had co-workers borrowing it for few minutes.

    I have this small metal plate I found on the street a long time ago. I still don't know what's its purpose.

  • Ralph Hightower


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    Palmetto Brewing GhostRider, a seasonal beer that is made with Ghost Peppers and cherries. It has some heat, but it's not overpowering.

    A map of the 2017 Solar Eclipse with a craft beer that was brewed for the event, Benford Brewing Carolina Blackout, a black IPA.

  • Kristen

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    Juggling balls, fidget toys, the leather marker/eraser holder that I just finished making from scratch last week, the jaguar who stares at me when I drift off... Basically a carefully cultivated mess of how I like to portray myself. 🙂

  • Jeff Mlakar


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    I'm breaking the trend because I don't have and cannot make pictures right now - sorry!

    2 things jump to mind:
    * Dilbert comics - for years I have had an annual daily calendar. I tear them off and some lucky comics get kept because they are so good.
    * A rubber duck (Idera or otherwise) - speaking your problems to to duck magically help solve programming problems!

  • Frank Powell

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    The oddest thing on my desk?  Maybe the slab of wood as a cup holder (that my son made), or the 360 camera I'm testing, or the Tim Lovelace CD.  It could be the wooden owl (my son gave me), surely it's not the pictures of my daughter & her husband with my granddaughter!  Most folks think my keyboard is odd, or it could be the Dilbert calendar that I haven't took time to read since February 28 (hmm, it's May 25 already?).  But the oddest thing at my desk is most likely the guy who sits there!

  • ryanbesko

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    I love my workspace and hate clutter.  I'd say the weirdest thing about my space is I have an $800 surround bar and can play my music stupid loud.  And I still use Winamp.

  • jay-h


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    Not much now, other than my 80 year old Telechron clock.

    In a previous job I worked for a company that made medical and dental x-rays. I returned from lunch one day to find a box containing a mounted skull (used for system calibration).


    -- FORTRAN manual for Xerox Computers --

  • Chris Harshman


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    the oddest things on my desk are:
    -  a robot pencil sharpener that doesn't really work because sharpening a pencil winds it up so you can only turn the pencil a couple of times
    -  an Idera rubber duck
    -  a Shin-Soo Choo bobblehead
    -  a brain shaped stress ball

    The bobblehead has a funny story behind it, my manager when I first started here would give the bobblehead to one of his people when they did something good  Choo was an outfielder for the Indians at the time.  If you did something bad, you got Butch Davis, who was most remembered in Cleveland because of the quarterback controversies he created with the Browns between Couch, Holcomb, and Garcia.

  • F. Dwarf


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    A rasta hat with dreadlocks. Wearing it is my signal to my coworkers that I am working on something that needs my full attention and I do not wish to be interrupted.

  • Eric M Russell

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    On my desk at work, I have two paintings made by my kids during their summer camp. Also, there is a collection of assorted carved wooden animals, which are gifts from coworkers who return from visiting family back in India or Africa. 🙂

    On a darker note, I've been keeping a six pack of Ramen noodles in one of my desk drawers, and coincidentally this morning I found the corner of one pack was split open and eaten on. Tonight, there will be a mouse trap in that drawer.  :ermm:

    "Do not seek to follow in the footsteps of the wise. Instead, seek what they sought." - Matsuo Basho

  • Dan Guzman - Not the MVP

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    I guess I'm the odd one out with clutter.  each pile represents a task that I'm working on, so at a glance I can review what needs working on, and where I am in each project/task.  I'm a sysadmin of a two man IT Team for a staff of 17, so who knows what I'll be working on next. 😉  Oddest things are going to be the various things my kids have made for me over the years.  You can also see various badge flags from several conferences.  See if you can find the stray Colorado badge flag (former home)


    Say Hey Kid

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    Here's my desk ... on the shelf are a Star Wars Valentine's card, a hot wheels car with our logo on it, my big Reese's soup mug ... and I'm holding up one of my prized possessions ...


    Its a squeegee for my monitors !! 
    (I think I got it at SQL Saturday in Fargo ND, where I met the one and only Steve Jones !!)  

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