The New Normal Annoyances

  • Steve Jones - SSC Editor wrote:

    Sorry about your Lab. We lost 3 dogs a couple years ago, which was a hard year.

    One of the bright spots for this time for us is a new filly. It's neat to spend some time with her, and when she's in the front yard, she's just outside my window.


    Oh, how awesome, Steve!


  • Doctor Who 2 wrote:

    Ralph Hightower wrote:

    Doctor Who 2 wrote:

    However, working from home has introduced some unexpected problems. In August we had to put down out 13-year-old Black Lab mix. I had hoped that she'd make it through the pandemic, but it wasn't to be. She had been helping my daughters coping with anxiety of COVID. We decided that it would be good to get another dog, so we got a puppy from the City pound. She's adorable but distracting.

    I'm sorry to hear about your 13-year-old Lab. We're facing the same problem with one of our 11-year-old Beagles. In April, I saw a mumps-like bulge from his mouth. Surgery in April confirmed oral melanoma, an aggressive cancer; we had to put his 14-year-old mother down four years ago for the same cancer. Zeus had radiation in May/June with chemo from June through September. Last week was bleak with us discussing the "E" word with his oncologist. Fortunately, the specialty clinic and his regular clinic allows owners with masks on inside during the procedure. But he's doing better with additional pain meds and antibiotics; last Friday he was wrestling with our four-year-old. His sister was supposed to end chemo for thyroid cancer in mid-August, but she developed intestinal problems and refused to eat. She's being treated right now, but she won't put the weight back on. Losing both would be bad for us and our four-year-old Beagle, River; she has huge separation anxiety issues if Zeus and Athena aren't with her.

    I really feel your pain, Ralph. At the beginning of this pandemic I hadn't realized how important one's pet(s) could be. And at the time our Black lab was in good health. But soon that changed. As the months went by the and the stress upon, well really all of us, became hard. My wife would cry, I'd lose sleep, etc. Annie (our Black Lab) had been a solid rock. I held out hope that she would make it through the pandemic, but when it became apparent she could no longer make it without lots of pain, we had to do what was best for Annie.

    Well, the new dog doesn't replace the old one, but she antics are providing a diversion which helps.

    I hope you won't be offended by my saying that I'll be praying that your dogs recover and help you get through this tough time.

    Thank you. My wife and I pulled out all the stops in the treatment of Zeus, but we have reached the conclusion that his condition is terminal.  We are cherishing the time we have remaining with Zeus and keeping him comfortable. We hope that Athena is with us for two or more years.

  • I was WFH 3 days a week last year then moved to full time WFH as of March due to the pandemic. Its been great! My normal commute into the office was 30 minutes each way. We now rely on MS Teams for virtual meetings and such. No complaints so far.

    I'm finding I'm using the extra time in the morning to get more exercise, something that I wouldn't normally get during the week. Way less stress and much improved quality of life. As of October 1st the Company has made WFH permanent for our department.

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