The July Car Update

  • Actually there's low sulfur diesel here now! I think it's required in 2008 vehicles.

  • Federally mandated ULSD (ultra low sulfer diesel) must be used in all vehicles 2007 and newer.  It will supposedly increase the fuel economy of the older engines as well.  Has lower lubricity however and so some feel additives are necessary.  I have seen a slight increase in my mileage and no indication of lower lubricity. 

    For those that still want the control of a manual there are a lot of cars that are cheating their automatic transmission.  I don't care for it so much because it is still not manual but it sure is nice to be able to drink coffee on the way to work without worrying about what to do if your phone rings too.

  • Manual being depricated in favour of automatic? Never! - I can only think of one person with an automatic and again that was due to disability.  In fact I have only driven one automatic and that was a new Saab about 4 months ago - in a staright line fine, but no blooming use for corning without being able to drop gears manually (guess in america it is all huge sweeping corners!).

    I'm always have the left/right argument since my partner is Czech - and I will be experiencing more of it since I am moving to Prague in 2 weeks.  It is true I have no real issue with either side of the road, but I still find more control by having the right arm in control of the wheel.

    As said before Cambridge is a doddle to drive - get out into some of the country roads, especially those in Derbyshire or Wales and then you really will learn the width of your car! Oh yeah and why having manually is far far better!

  • Long live manual cars!!! 

    We managed to overheat the breaks of an American friend's automatic, just by going down a hill!

    Admittedly the hill was the one going from Exeter to Teighmouth, and therefore rather steep, but still.... in all the years I have been driving in Devon I have never had overheated breaks when going down that hill.

    I agree with James.  Keep the automatics for the long straight roads.  On everything else, manual still wins hands down for control and manouverability.

  • Well, James, you are right about our roads and curves.  My little escort does a great job though.  I beat the socks off many a young punk that has not master his gear box.  Most do OK from first to second, then seem to forget how to ge to third.  I can control exactly when my auto shifts.  Takes a deft tought on the right pedal and knowing exactly when, and how far, to raise the toe for a fraction of a second.  This gives me both hands on the wheel too.  Better to go round the bend without getting out of the pedal.

    Yep, I'm partly disabled.  I can't climb stairs or walk withou staggering.  I drive SEATED, thank you.  If not carrying my weight I'm find.  Most of the time I win because people underestimate me, and my car.


    ATBCharles Kincaid

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