The January Car Update

  • Yes, you put your finger on the biggest impediment, sharing a private space with other people.

    IMHO that problem also exists with public transportation; and that's why bus stations, train stations, and increasingly, airports are basically undignified places to be in. It's the unspoken reason for taking a car no matter what.

    Do you think it would help to screen fellow passenger candidates on a social site like FaceBook or MySpace?

  • I don't think it matters as it is as much a convenience thing. The folks i would hang out with on evenings and weekends i wouldn't carpool with because of the convenience factor.

  • There are several people where I work that live very close to each other. I wouldn't mind riding with any of them but it's the convenience thing.

    For example, I go straight to T'ai Chi class after work two days a week. One person drives for Meals on Wheels during lunch. We are all on different schedules also.

    Everyone's life is so complicated now. It's not like our parents' era when people just went to work and came home.

  • Hi, I travel 12 km to drop one of my kids off at school then a further 35 km to work - all in a big DoubleCAB (5-seater) Ford 4x4 (at least it is diesel).

    I'm seriously considering moving closer to work and moving kids schools along with this, however they're not too keen on moving schools and we have to sell our house, buy another and then there's the actual packing up house and the dreaded move.

    The only other idea I've been able to come up with is buying a motorcyle which should reduce my eco-footprint, time to travel to work and fuel bill. I have noticed that in South Africa (my country of residence) bikes are becoming more popular as the fuel prices just keep rising. Unless my perceptions are incorrect even superbikes are more economical than little so-called eco-friendly cars. Another plus is they're convienient - easy to find parking and take up less space.

    The only adversions to buying one is rain and safety - people don't always see a bike until its too late.

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