The Invisible DBA

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  • This is a great article. We had an outage this week on one of our platforms and I was just entertaining the thought that if your CEO is seeing you too often as an IT Staff, you are probably not working smart enough. Thanks so much Sir..

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  • OK.  That's all great.  Now let's get on to a similar list for managers.  Number one has to be listen to your DBA's and let them get things done that need to be done.  It would sure make you look lots better to your fellow management.

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  • You almost call it the DBA commandments 🙂

    And i agree with skeleton567, since a DBA can only as good as the length of his leash his manager allows for !

    Good article !

  • Being an invisible DBA is the goal for everyone who want's to be pro-active instead of re-active. A pro-active approach also saves time which can be used for the more interesting and advanced stuff (never stop learning!). The risk of being an invisible DBA (or DBA-team) is that managers will think everything is working fine and smoothly by itself. Their next conclusion (especially from the ones who only manage based on spreadsheets) will be the team can be reduced by several FTE.
    The action for the DBA or DBA-team is to frequently, clearly and loudly mention each and every improvements, prevented incident, etc. to the management!

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