The Intelligence Cloud

  • Hush now!! Just keep quiet and load up your stock portfolio on all this 'cloud' hoopla!! Just remember to bail when the market figures out the whole thing is just different color lipstick on the same old pig....

    Pay no attention to the hype behind the curtian!! I am the great and powerful cloud!!!


  • kent.kester (5/2/2011)

    I think someone slipped up and let a marketing type look at a spec document for someone's network. They saw this cloud-shaped thing and decided it was marketable.

    Here's the problem. Most of the world thinks of "The Web" and "The Internet" as the same thing. So when you start trying to market something decidedly non-webby you need a new term for it. "The Cloud" is just a bunch of internet services that most of us have been using for years. We could purchase hosting services on the other side of the world that would provide everything "The Cloud" is promising today. Or we could set up our own sites (or colocation) locally or remotely to give us that functionality.

    Personally, I'm not trusting my corporate data to any server that I can't lay my hands on. There are federal laws and regulations (HIPAA, SARBOX, etc) that make me nervous about such things.

    Well said! The problem is the government WANTS the cloud and badly because it will more eaisly allow its agencies to access/get at data that it now is supposed to jump thru legal hurdles to access. Because of this the cloud will eventually be pushed onto everyone.

    Once a sizeable number have moved to the cloud so that the bulk of those left not in the cloud are those who refuse to move there will be some vent that is used as justification that all must be on the cloud. It will be something like a major hack or security issue/take down and the government will say that the only way to effectively secure the cloud for all existing cloud users is if everyone is required to us the cloud and so the rest will be pushed into it.

    Anyone using a non-cloud enabled system will have tehir hardware confiscated by Homeland Security for eTerror activities. Sound crazy? Just 5 years ago the suggestion of the idea that in the near future security at the airport would be feeling you up as part of the check in process would have been met with "conspiracy theorists' & ‘Wack Job’ replies and yet here we are. Granted they use the justification of its being to stop terrorism and so the same will be used to rid all of private systems outside the cloud.

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