The Future of the Internet and Data

  • Do you have any recommended technical sites that require subscription?

    I'm a bit paranoid about signing up to a site that turns out to be heavy on clickbait and really difficult to unsubscribe from

  • I remember Gopher, too. I even set up USENET access and Gopher at the place I was working at the time. And I also remember getting my first version of Netscape Navigator. Heady days.

    I certainly hope that it doesn't become as dystopian as the Wayforward Machine predicts. I can see how it might. I've gone to a few websites which show me a news story I'm interested in, then prompts me with a message something like, "This is the first of 4 free views you have for this month. Sign up and pay <such-and-such> in order to get unlimited access." Very unlike it was back in the 90's, when the promise of free access to information was real. BTW, whenever I hit those websites, I always leave them. I hope that more people do as I do. That way the owners of those sites will get the message that to withhold information doesn't pay. Of course, my hopes for that could be in vain.


  • I think you got it right with the subscriptions idea. People already accept subscriptions for content and services, it's just a matter of when the jump will be taken for less costly services. I can see news for example being sucked up into a Netflix/Spotify esque provider - pay $5 a month for articles from various sources. Same for specific interest stuff - $5/month for a load of games magazines or sports etc. - My technical blog

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