The Database Recovery Advisor in SQL Server 2012

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  • Johan Bijnens

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    Nice article, Robert. 😎

    Nice enhancement of the GUI. I didn't pay much attention to it, because I assemble my scripts using a script generation script 😉


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  • Resender


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    It was an interesting article to read, I agree that database recovery can be hard and this tool will be helpful.

    But I also get the impression that MS is dumbing down the processes needed to manage a database.

  • stevec 31012

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    Of course, in order to recover this way, you have to ensure that the recovery model of a database is set to FULL, and you are taking regular Transaction Log backups throughout the day

    You dont need regular log backups in this case, transaction log backups are good if you lose that drive that has the ldf files (and providing your backups are on a different location)

    In your senario you can use last nights full database backup and the current live transaction log to restore to any point in time cover by that transaction log as long as the backup chain has not been broken.

  • rodyroon

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  • quackhandle1975


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    Good and informative article.



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  • enriquemallon

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    there is a lot of info on this link[/url]

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