The Challenges of Working Under Quarantine

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  • I applaud to all persons who have kids at home or other people /things that demands immediate attention.

    We can still go outside, which is a plus

  • I really appreciate this article, Steve. One of the things you say which I appreciate is that working remotely isn't the same as what this pandemic has brought about. I'm witnessing some who very much want to make the two equivalent. I find this to be dishonest and somewhat manipulative.

    More than that, I really appreciate your reminder to we need to give each other a break. What if someone's dealing with a sick child or an elderly relative, or something else? These things are definitely going to put one off their best. Something interruption in life and and will happen to all of us, at one time or another. Thank you very much for this reminder.


  • I find myself getting annoyed or frustrated at times with other's work schedules. Either they're behind, or they are go-getters and doing more than ever. Depending on my mood and situation, it can be hard.

    However, I've learned to stop and take a breath and understand that my world isn't theirs. And theirs isn't mine. I have no idea how/why people are coping. Part of the reason I do the daily coping tips. They've helped me personally.

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