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  • Back in 1968, three years after I finished an undergrad degree in Sociology, I was working as a credit manager when I met a friend, Bob Maple,  who managed a group of programmers at Bendix Corporation, Brake and Steering Division.  At the time I had never even seen a  computer, but Bob invited me to visit him at work to see their IBM 360.

    While I was there, he suggested that I take an aptitude test just for fun.  That was a Monday.  I spent an hour in an empty cubicle doing the test.  On Wednesday evening my phone rang and it was the Bendix HR department asking if I was interested in a programming position.  I had  been earning $450 per month as a credit manager, and they offered me $650 a month to come and learn Cobol and Mark IV programming.

    That position kicked off my 42 year career in IT, and it was all started by a good friendship.


    One of the best days of my IT career was they day I told my boss if the problem was so simple he should go fix it himself.

  • Steve... you not a mentor for me that that doesn't stop you from being a hero of mine.  You've kept this site going and inspired a whole world of mentors.  Thank you for what you've done and thank you for what you do!

    --Jeff Moden

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