Terminal Services - A Couple Tips

  • I became dependent on Terminal Services/VNC during a period when our internet connection was a bit flaky. I had several long-running jobs to execute, and running them from a local Query Analyzer session to our hosted DB server seemed to inevitably result in a broken connection partway through. I finally started running these lengthy jobs on the db server itself (don't worry, they were already tuned to provide minimal interference with the system), and saved myself a lot of frustration.

    R David Francis

    R David Francis

  • Thanks, this was really usefull! I have been using TS for a few months now, but I have just created nice little rdp's for all those servers of which I had to look up the IP's every time!

  • Great article and some great tips in the comments, but we have one issue that I would like to see if anyone has any answer to....

    We use Term Serv to connect to many boxes on different networks. In many cases, the firewalls between the networks only allow the ports for Term Serv. We typcially use Win2k Pro as our workstations connecting to Win2k Server and Adv Server on the other end. We need to be able to copy files occassionally and cannot find a reliable way to do this through the Term Serv connection. I know that there is an option to map drives, but this is a standard windows drive mapping that won't work across a firewall with only Term Serv ports open.

    Any suggestions? We have looked at the AnalogX product TermServ copy that uses the clipboard as a temporary space to allow sending of files, but it is not quite "easy" enough for our support staff to be able to use it.

    Thanks in advance

  • Dont know, but I will look - I can see where it would be useful.



  • quote:

    Lou!!! Tell me about this feature of cutting and pasting...please. I have been needing this forever and couldn't find any way to do it.

    BTW, I live by Terminal Services. When our SysAdmin restores the files for a database, using Terminal Services helps me do a search across the drives to find the files I need to use to attach the database.

    The Windows 2003 feature will be nice.

    Michelle Morris

  • kg/am

  • The w2k3 adminpack also has a useful app called remote desktop. This can be setup so you can switch between servers by selecting them from a console tree down the side of the screen.

  • One word of caution -- if manually running a DTS package (for whatever reason...it happens!) make sure you don't loose your TS connection. The package will appear to continue processing, however it does not.

    Thank you, school of Hard Knocks...

  • Becareful with VNC, it transters data in TEXT, meaning you can be prone to sniffer and "internal" hackers.

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