Temp Table

  • Session related :-D:-D

  • Easy one, thanks.

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  • Good back to basics question.

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  • Very easy question. Surprised to see almost 18% still choosing incorrect answer. Though it was smart to emphasize on extra column within the same temp table in order to confuse. 🙂

  • Hey great it revised my concepts about the difference between local and global temp tables.

  • KWymore (6/25/2013)

    I was looking for the trick in this question and was thankful that there wasn't one. Nice question on a basic function.

    I looked for the trick as well and pondered the meaning of session in relation to the two open sql query windows. Once you understand what the open window is in relationship to the session it was easy. BUt did cause a hesitation for a few seconds.

    Good question!

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