Tasks of Senior SQL Server Experts/Data Scientists

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    i have started working with SQL for a year now. Ive managed to get along at work.

    My work includes:

    - SSIS ( ETL soley using TSQL)


    --Backups (Ola Hallengren)


    I am far from being an expert in what i am currently doing, but as i said i am getting along.

    Not that there are tasks that couldn't be complex within this workload, but what is there outside of these tasks that more experienced people (seniors/data scientists/...)  within the sql server business are working on.


    I am asking for 2 reasons:

    - Curiosity

    - I like reading about this kind of stuff in my free time and i would like to take a peek into these kind of topics




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  • Jeff Moden

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    The four biggees (there are certainly more) that I can think of are...

    1. Practice doing restores and setup something to do restores "under the gun" for when something goes wrong.  As a wise man once said, you shouldn't have a backup plan... you should have a restore plan.
    2. Learn how to find and fix code performance/resource usage problems.  IMHO, 99% of all issues will manifest themselves in code.  Performance is in the code... or not. 😀
    3. Learn how current "Best Practices" index maintenance and usage may actually be causing more issues than they fix and what to do about it.  This goes right along with item 2 above.
    4. Learn how to be auto-magically alerted for blocking issues.

    --Jeff Moden

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