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  • marian.miucin

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    I dont have much experience in developing rdl files and of course I need some help :).

    I have one tablix that is filled from one dataset1 using one SQL SP.

    For each row created by dataset1 and populate Tablix, I want to execute another SP from one Dataset2 with parameters from record row from dataset1, and if exist rows, to populate some data below of the each row and if not exist do not create this aditional details rows.

    Maybe from my picture is better understanding, and I want to know if is possible to create something like this.

    Thanks in advance and any advice will be very much apperciated

  • pietlinden

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    sounds like you need a subreport

  • marian.miucin

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    I solved the report by collecting all required data with on SP and in Tablix I solved by grouping


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