T-SQL Puzzle

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    You have to consider that this answer works only for case insensitive collation. If you have Case sensitive the second query will return just one row.


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    Presumably one of the last two options was supposed to be Two and Two, otherwise they are both the same and there's only one answer that has Two for the second query (which meant that I could get it right without having a clue what FMTONLY meant)

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    Didn't know about this one. Thanks.

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    Really interesting - thanks!

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    Nice 1 :w00t:


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    Nice easy question.
    I wonder why MS is advising not to use FMTONLY.


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    Thanks for the question. Now you only have to put the semicolon not on a new line, before I go insane 🙂

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    Koen Verbeeck - Tuesday, January 17, 2017 7:05 AM

    Thanks for the question. Now you only have to put the semicolon not on a new line, before I go insane 🙂

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