System database logging recovery models

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  • This behavior has been changed in MSSQL 2008 (see "model Database" in BOL 2008: Now the recovery model of 'model' database "depends on SQL Server edition".

    Didn't find anything about this "dependency" 🙂

  • In SQL Server 2008, the recovery model of the model database is now 'User Configurable'

    Not had a chance to see a fresh install of SQL Server 2008, so no idea if it comes pre-configured with 'full' or with no model defined

  • jim.lawrence

    Not had a chance to see a fresh install of SQL Server 2008

    A fresh install of the Developer Edition - which is supposed to be identical to the Enerprise Edition the default is "Full". Other editions - I do not have installed at the present time

    If everything seems to be going well, you have obviously overlooked something.


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  • Nice one

    What you don't know won't hurt you but what you know will make you plan to know better
  • Fresh installs of SQL 2008 Developer and Standard have the model database set to Full.

  • Cheers chaps. Worth knowing. All grist to the mill, and all that.

  • The reason that it is "full" by default is because , if I understood well, the model database must always exist on a SQL Server system.

    An other thing I learned, is that "If you modify the model database, all databases created afterward will inherit those changes" Neat!

    This is what I like about those questions: learning! Nice question!

  • Model is the "model" for all user created databases. Stick anything in it - users, procs,tables etc and they will appear in all subsequent databases you create. Presumably if you change the recovery model that will carry through.

  • Tricky ... I guess it makes sense, and if I'd thought about it more, I would have answered correctly, but I just clicked "master" quickly without thinking.

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