Synchronize Salesforce with SQL Server using SSIS

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  • Hi eric,

    Out of interest, how does using RSSBus compare on reliability and performance when using a SQL Linked Server definition to link SQL Server and Salesforce?

  • Do you have any comparisons to either CozyRoc or Pragmatic Works' Salesforce Adapters?

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  • I have not had any experience with using RSSBus. At my organization, we went with DBAmp and I built my packages to work around that. It uses a linked server and it's own API to query and sync the data with SalesForce.

    The package I developed keeps a local copy of the pertinent tables synchronized with SalesForce every 4 hours. Some tables are updated more often based on specific needs. The only time there are issues is when the schema is changed on a table. When this occurs, I have to schedule a full pull down of the table to capture the changes. The package will still continue to run and capture changes to the data but ignore the schema changes until the full pull down of the table occurs.

    If anyone else has had experiences with other tools, I'd like to hear about them.

  • The choice between direct connectivity and replication just depends on your business requirements. The linked server approach directly proxies queries to Salesforce data (ODBC) for reporting etc. This is good for accessing real-time data, however queries (especially inserts, if done incorrectly) can suffer significant performance issues. On the other hand, Data replication is not affected by speed and availability of Salesforce.

    If you prefer direct access to Salesforce from BI & Reporting, RSSBus provides drivers for ODBC, JDBC, ADO.NET etc.

  • Hi Mark,

    I don't have performance metrics that I can share that would compare these SSIS components. That said, RSSBus offers free trials so that you can fully evaluate any of the SSIS components and compare them in your own environment.

    RSSBus focuses on building drivers for direct data integration through standard interfaces (ODBC/ JDBC/ ADO.NET, SSIS, BizTalk, etc.) You won’t find the breadth of offerings with any other company on the market.

  • I am using 'Pragmatic Task factory' tasks/adapters to Synchronize the Salesforce data with SQL Server data. It is very cool.


  • Great article, I will give this a try! I am currently using Data Loader to export to csv once an hour then I have a SSIS package to take the CSV and import to a local DB.

    Edit-- Just realized this is a paid component so I will stick with the free data loader tool.

  • Regarding "Step 3: Create a new connection manager, of the Salesforce type and configure the Salesforce credentials."

    I do not have a connection of the Salesforce type listed.

    Why is this?

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