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  • Hello this is Gulshan Negi

    I am a Software Developer, well I'm looking for SQL courses that are designed for advanced users whereas I already have a basic understanding and good commands of SQL. I'm looking to master SQL and would like to find courses that will help me improve my skills in areas such as database design, optimization, and advanced querying techniques. Do you have any recommendations for courses that would be suitable for me?


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  • have you read Itzik Ben-Gan's "T-SQL Querying" yet? (And it's not a book you just read. You read, and write and run queries on the sample database). Then once you do the exercises, you should apply the solutions to your own problems/databases.

  • Hello this is Gulshan Negi

    Well, in the last few days, I also searched the internet for SQL courses, and I found many of them there. and one of my friends suggests I go with the courses that are easily available on the udemy or Coursera. and he suggested post, here author listed many of the SQL courses, this list help me a lot. and I bought SQL Tutorial for Beginners - Learn SQL using MySQL by Udemy. this course is very good. and also, I view some of the SQL tutorials on Youtube; there are many Youtube videos there that are very help full for me.

    some of them are:

    1: SQL tutorial by freecodecamp

    2: SQL tutorial by great learning

    3: SQL Training by Intellipaaat

    and I also bought these books from amazon:

    1: Learning SQL by Alan Beaulieu

    2: SQL Cookbook by Anthony Molinaro.

    3: Head First SQL by Lynn Beighley and Michael Morrison

    4: Pro SQL Server Internals by Dmitri Korotkevitch



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