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  • Stretch database gonna help Microsoft pay for LinkedIn? 😉

  • Terje Hermanseter (6/16/2016)

    Stretch database gonna help Microsoft pay for LinkedIn? 😉

    They have enough money in the bank.

    Thanks, Steve!

  • It is really great to hear you say this on such an open forum, Steve. While Microsoft continues to push Azure down our throats, there are some caveats, and pricing is one of them. If you listen to the evangelical azure pitches, the costs are pennies on the dollar for the storage, but the processing costs are never really brought up in the same conversations.

    Thanks for the reality check.

    Jeff Bennett

    St. Louis, MO

  • The given answer doesn't match up with the reference material. The question reads:

    ...what costs do you incur for querying the data stored in Azure?

    From the linked reference:

    Stretch Database bills Compute and Storage separately so you only pay for what you use.


    Note: storage transactions are not billed; customers only pay for data stored, not storage transactions.

    There is no Network Transfer pricing on the linked reference, but:

    Outbound data transfers are charged at regular data transfer rates.

    Based on those, I'd say the correct answers are Compute and Data Transfer.

    You're charged the Storage cost for storing the data, not for querying it; you're not charged a Storage Transaction cost for querying it; and there is no Network Transfer cost.

  • I've never used it and probably won't be any time soon. However, just because it's Microsoft, there's only one possible answer. 😉

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