Stretch Database Datatype Limitations

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  • Wrong. Hmm. Does the "choose 3" mean choose three data types or choose three options from the selection provided? Apparently the former. Don't tick 3 boxes!

    Scott Duncan

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  • Similarly wrong, chose the first three options which seem to be the ones mentioned in the explanation, so the question remains which three are correct?


  • Good question about an interesting functionality, thanks, Steve

    Just a minor fail regarding the options - select 3, yet only 2 accepted as correct?

  • Great Steve! 100% wrong.

  • Steve, your explanation tells me I'm right, but the result tells me false....

    Did you try to Stretch us and run into the limitations of the QOTD ?


  • Yet another borked QotD.

  • Steve has too much on his hands.

    Just because you're right doesn't mean everybody else is wrong.

  • From the explanation:

    The other big restriction is on CLR types, which include hierarchyid and spatial types

    Seems like the absence of hierarchyid from the "correct answer" list is just a mistake.

    Code for TallyGenerator

  • Steve,

    I answered all three options correct:

    - text/ntext

    - XML

    - CLR datatypes

    but the answer is marked as wrong. In your given solution you mention exactly the same options.

    Can you check it?

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  • Confidently expected to get this lots of others!

  • Feel a little cheated that I had to choose 3. Was confident on the first 2, guessed the 3rd, to be told the 2 I was confident on were right and that there was no 3rd 🙁


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  • paul s-306273 (6/29/2016)

    Confidently expected to get this lots of others!


  • Actually, I'd like to hear from the 2% who got this correct.

  • He was talking about data types so the correct answers could have been


    - XML



    - CLR

    I am guessing because I got it wrong by choosing 4 data types

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