Stored Procedure Call Hierarchy

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  • Hi,

    I need to extract the dependent Stored procedure names across databases also. The current code displays only the dependent stored procedures that are present in the parent stored procedure database.

    For Eg:

    If Parent stored procedure named MainSP is present in Database1 and

    its child stored procedures,

    a. ChildSP1 is present in Database1

    b. ChildSP2 is present in Database2

    c. ChildSP3 is present in Database1

    Then the current code will display only ChildSP1 and ChildSP3 in the tree and not ChildSP2. I need ChildSP2 also to be listed in the tree

    If any one can has solution for it mail to

    - Bala

  • Hi,

    Thank you for the script for viewing the hierarchy. But I am still suspicious about the outcome that I am getting after executing the Script. Can you please explain the working of the script? Because there are lots of places where the same stored procedure is called, but its hierarchy is not being displayed. So either the script is having something missing or the script is not 100% correct.

    If you can explain me the script, we both can work on it together and make the script work as expected.

    Thank you.

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