stored procedure altered the schema of the target table

  • Isaac Bar Nisan

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    Hello I have a problem when I execute a stored procedure that call other stored procedure that return a result set and in the first stored procedure the data is insert into a table I get this error

    "INSERT EXEC failed because the stored procedure altered the schema of the target table." but when I call the stored procedure with less data it work ok what can I do to solve this problem

  • Ian Yates


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    Could you please post some of the relevant code?

    How many rows are you talking about?

  • Grant Fritchey

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    It can't possibly be caused simply by the number of rows. Inserting one row or one million, neither one changes the schema of the table. That procedure you're calling has other code in it that is making that change.

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  • ChiragNS

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    I agree with Grant.

    Is the procedure calling any other procedure before inserting the rows?

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  • Isaac Bar Nisan

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    this is the code

    1) EXEC [dbo].[s_tenuot_base_r]'01.01.2006','01.31.2006', 1

    2) EXEC [dbo].[s_tenuot_base_r]'01.01.2006','03.31.2006', 1

    and it generate an error only in the second option because the range

    of date it significant from the first and that it because I send only one month so it work but with more then that it fail

    insert into #tenuot

    exec s_tenuot_base_logi @m_tarich,@a_tarich,@sug_yechida,@tarich_doc,@mispar_doc,@miun

  • Jeff Moden

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    You'll probably need to post the code for the s_tenuot_base_r stored procedure...

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  • Johan Bijnens

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    So is your #tenuot being altered by s_tenuot_base_r in some cases ?


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  • opdaniel

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    I think your first stored procedure creates a #table and the second stored procedure creates another (temp) table having the same name.

    Or, you are trying to insert the records retrieved by the stored procedure in a table having the same name as the (temp) table created by your stored proc.

    Try changing the temp table names and see if it works.


  • jcarsley

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    @opdaniel - Thanks! That worked. I was giving my temp table the same name as the one in the stored procedure. Glad I read this thread until the bottom.

  • Alan Browne

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    submitted in error

  • Zolla Michalak

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    Thanks @opdaniel. That worked for me also. 😀

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