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    Vinay Kumar
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  • thanks for the query... but both the techniques fail for sp_spaceused 🙁

    in the stored proc. i added something like...

    CREATE PROCEDURE dbo.Tmp_SPGetAddress



    exec sp_spaceused



    i am able to execute the above stored proc successfully... but when i use the same in the 2 techniques, it fails...

  • sp_spaceused returns 2 datasets with different shapes. If I'm reading BOL correctly (I haven't tested it), then in this case, INSERT INTO tries to insert both datasets into the temp table.

    BOL -

    If execute_statement is used with INSERT, each result set must be compatible with the columns in the table or in column_list

  • You forgot to note that INSERT/EXEC cannot be nested. If the procedure does internally the same trick, you won't be able to insert the results into a table.

    One possible solution is setting up a "SELF" linked server, pointing to the instance itself, then querying the procedure with something like:

    SELECT * INTO #SomeTempTable FROM OPENQUERY(SELF,'EXEC myDB.dbo.MyProcedure')

    -- Gianluca Sartori

  • I may be missing something on this but the solution seems unnecessarily complex. I generally use the SELECT / INTO method to allow the proc to automatically create the #temptable from the result of the SELECT (plus any joins involved). Then in the following statements I can update/delete/etc. various records as needed, finally returning the results to the calling program or wrtiting them to a fixed table. I've only come across one or two instances where it was necessary to define the #temptable first, generally when I need an IDENTITY field. Your thoughts?

    John Masciantoni, Florida Health Care Plans, Florida.

  • My experience is the same. Select into a temp is the technique I use unless I need a strictly structured table.

  • How to do nested INSERT EXEC and OUTPUT procedures data into table

    Select a.* Into #TableX From OpenRowset('SQLNCLI',


    'SET FMTONLY OFF; Exec procedure with nested insert exec') As a

    Hope Helpful

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