Stairway to U-SQL Level 10: Table-Valued Functions and UDTs

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  • Great article and examples.

    Some additional comments:

    • You can let the TVF infer the return schema by leaving out the TABLE type. E.g., RETURNS @result
    • Unlike T-SQL, U-SQL always inlines TVFs. This allows the optimizer to push predicates and column pruning into, through and out of the TVFs.
    • TVFs allow you to return multiple results: CREATE FUNCTION Tvf(...) RETURNS @res1, @res2 AS .... The TVF then gets invoked with (@r1, @R2) = Tvf(...);



  • Hi Mike

    Thanks for these comments - much appreciated.

    I will try to work these into a future article.



  • It was nice just being reminded about TVFs, thanks.

  • Good article especially considering the interplay between UDTs and TVFs.

    Shifting gears, does "U-SQL" allow for the concept of iTVFs (inline TVFs) rather than mTVFs (multi-statement TVFs)?

    --Jeff Moden

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  • Hi Jeff

    U-SQL only has one type of TVFs: imTVFs: inlineable, multi-statement TVFs. No "stupid" differentiation.



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