Removing TDE from a Database: Level 4 of the Stairway to TDE

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    Vishnu Gupthan

  • I love articles like this, explosing the hidden gotcha.  Thanks for sharing.

  • BTW, I found another "gotcha". After turning off encryption stats off for the only encrypted database on the instance, encryption_state was still 1, and tempdb was showing up as encrypted. The drop DEK statement generated an error. I bounced the instance, no change. Finally I dropped the formerly encrypted database, and still got the error trying to drop the DEK. Finall I just tried removing the certificate, and it worked. The DEK was gone as well. Apparently there's also a known bug in updating the DMV for tempdb as well. It's described as "benign", but it certainly doesn't seem so when trying to back out the encryption, such as in this scenario.

  • You also need to bear in mind that even after decrypting the database and dropping the encryption key and cert it is still possible part of the transaction log is still encrypted, so you may still need the cert for an extended time until the log recycles.

    In sql 2019 onwards there is an extra column in the DMV "sys.dm_db_log_info" to track this


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