Stairway to SQL Server Replication - Level 8: Merge Replication – How it works

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  • I must thank you for the efforts of bringing this subject in the stairway series because as a T-SQL developer I was always a little confused by terms like "subscription", "publisher", and some others. Your articles explain with detail and are easy to read even to beginners in database administration like myself.

    I said it before and I'm going to say it again. A lot of SSC articles are better than 400 pages books about the same subject.

    Best regards,

    Andre Guerreiro Neto

    Database Analyst

  • Nice work, Sebastian!

  • Hi everybody, i have a question about merge replication.

    I would like to known if there is any way to identify with data have been merged between publisher and suscriber when a synchronization has completed

    We have an issue with merge replication and we are looking for further information.


  • This is a very detail article on how the merge replication works, thanks Sebastian.

    I have merge replication setup in 2 servers running SQL Server 2016 and now I'm struggling with the conflict detection level, the column-level tracking is not working as expected.

    Let's say I have the table name Employee with a few columns, I tested the column-level tracking as below:

    Publisher: issue update command: "Update Employee SET FullName = 'abc' WHERE EmployeeID = 1"

    Subscriber: issue update command: "Update Employee SET Remark = 'def' WHERE EmployeeID = 1"

    I updated the same row but different columns from the publisher and subscriber, base on the definition of column-level tracking, this scenario is not considered as conflict and both update from the publisher and subscriber will take effect, but my publication always see this as the conflict and auto resolve by treating the publisher as the winner.

    Did I mis-understand how the column-level tracking working or did I miss something in the configuration steps? I already reinitialize the subscriber and create new snapshot also.

    Thanks in advance.

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