Stairway to Database DevOps Level 1: Setup a Local Git Repo with Azure DevOps

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  • I'm looking forward to this Stairway series. I've used Git with source code for several years but have never used it for database development. I'm really looking forward to what I'll learn!

    Kindest Regards, Rod Connect with me on LinkedIn.

  • Cool stairway series, thanks Erin!

    Last year there was a survey on the use a VCS for you database development:

    • 20% of the SQLCentral audience does not yet use a version control system for their database
    • And another 20% are already using a version control system, but not Git

    I hope this series will boost these figures.

    Cheers, Tonie

    See you at PASS this year?

  • I'm very excited to be writing this series. I've been speaking all over the US (and in Wales), and 20% seems about right for those using source control. Of course, I'm giving introductory sessions, so it is geared towards those who may be using source control, but not automating deployments with that code.

    My work team (data warehousing dev team) has been using source control for about 4 years, but we didn't introduce automated deployments until about 18 months ago. As we've refined our processes, pushing schema changes to test, acceptance testing, and production has become a lot easier.

  • The customer I got hired by uses automated deployments now with flyway (desktop) from AzDo pipelines, for over a  year now, with success.

    My migrations / implementation journey is available on the PASS2022 videos collection: Transforming to DevOps Continuous Journey / Continues Disaster? 😉

    But you're able to read an abstract of it here:

    Off topic:

    I just spotted your precon on the PASS website, I'm presenting a precon as well the next day about... Git your database under control. 🎉

    Cheers, Tonie

    See you at PASS this year?

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