ssrs with rectangle cuases first page to be blank

  • wendy elizabeth


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    In an SSRS 2008 r2 report I have 6 matrixes that I placed into 1 rectangle so that all the individual items do not float.

    The problem is that the first page of the ssrs 2008 r2 report is blank when the report is executing.

    I have set the report properties to: landscape, custom paper size, width 14" and height = 11". The report properties are width

    14 inches and the height is 11 inches. The body properties keep changing to 26.75719 inches and width = 13.54667 inches.

    If there is no property that can be set, then should I have more than one rectangle? To place the objects into separate

    rectangles, I want to mention that that there is a header matrix and a summary rectangle that need to be shared. Matrix #2 and

    Matrix #3 are for students in grades 01 to 08. Matrix #4 and #5 are for students in grades 09 to 12.

    I have seen the following link: In here it says print scaling -> Page Setup -> Print Setup -> Fit to ..., however I do not see these options in ssrs. If that link is not referring to visio, how would I find these options in SSRS?

    Can you tell me what I can do so that I do not have a blank first page when the SSRS 2008 R2 report is executing?

  • gbritton1


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    Is the rectangle at position (0,0) ?

  • wendy elizabeth


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    Yes the rectangle was originally at Is the rectangle at position (0,0). I tried to change the location to (0.5, 0.5) and had the same problem. Thus I put the position back to (0,0).


    When I set the border of the rectangle to solid, I can see the rectangle when the SSRS report is executing. The rectangle appears before any of the matrixes are displayed. However when I look at the rectangle in design mode, the rectangle is around all 6 of the matrixes.

    Thus could you tell me why the rectangle is displayed in a different location when the report is executing and not around all the matrixes at that point?

  • Yana


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    Create a dummy rectangle before your first rectangle. In properties, Choose in Hidden parameter - True.


    Goog Luck  🙂

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