SSRS to Oracle using LDAP (connection pooling ??)

  • Hi,

    Does SSRS cache / pool connection database connections ?

    Scenario - we point at an Oracle DB in DataGuard mode with the Secondary available in RO mode by default, due to planned work we changed SSRS to point at the primary for a period and SSRS sent all traffic to the primary without intervention via change to the database connection settings within LDAP as used by the Oracle client installed on the SSRS box  (Secondary DB was taken off-line). After the work completed LDAP changes reverted to point to secondary but traffic continued to be sent to the Primary, a restart of SSRS reporting services needed after which traffic sent to the secondary.

    Q. Is this expected behaviour / is there a better way to get SSRS to recreate the connection without a service restart !

    Any advice input gratefully received ! TIA

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  • Thanks for posting your issue and hopefully someone will answer soon.

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