SSRS Subscription to distribution group not working

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    We are running SSRS 2016 - Product Version 13.0.5337.0 - and I have a report for which I set up a subscription to have it delivered a distribution group callled "Company X PMO" plus other individuals who do not belong to that group.  The individuals who do not belong to the group are receiving the email subscription each morning but not any of the members of the distribution group.

    Per instructions I found from Microsoft, I modified the rsreportserver.xml file to the following value:


    Configure a Report Server for E-Mail Delivery

    Some other notes that may be of interest, the RS Service Account runs under a domain account like "CompanyX\CompanyXSQLAdministrator" and the Sender Address has been configured as "".

    I have asked for verification that the "CompanyX\CompanyXSQLAdministrator" account has "Send As" permissions on the mailbox, but the group still does not receive the email subscription. I don't have access to the Exchange server so I have to trust these setting were changed correctly.

    I can't find much documentation on this issue besides a post on Stack Overflow and one on Experts-Exchange but does anyone have any other suggestions on how to get this working?



  • Jeffrey Williams

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    Is the group an Exchange group - as in a DL - or an email group in AD?  If the DL is not defined with an email address it will not be accessible through the SMTP gateway.

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  • treyagrimes

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    Thanks for the reply - I will have to check with the Exchange admin to find out.

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    " distribution group callled "Company X PMO""

    It can be also a security group in AD and not distribution list at all.


  • treyagrimes

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    Sorry for the delayed response - I reached out to our Operations Manager and was informed this is a distribution group with a defined email address of

    I'm not sure what else can be done - I'm almost positive this would be an Exchange setting somewhere preventing this subscription from working.

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