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    I am installing SSRS, and I want to use SSRS for the credentials to access the ReportServer and ReportServertemp database from the SSRS, but not sure what roles/permissions the SQL user account needs, anyone know?

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    Thanks for posting your issue and hopefully someone will answer soon.

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    Are you talking about the service account used to run SSRS as an application?

    Or are you talking about the accounts used at the data source level to run the SQL within the reports?


    The service account is granted the necessary rights at installation time when you pass in the account, if you want to change the account run through the SSRS setup wizard and change it within the service account section.

    For the data sources, that's up to how the reports are written.  May need select may need execute depends if using direct SELECTs or EXEC PROC commands.

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    Hello, thanks for replying back, I am talking about the Service account, I did use the local service and the NT service, however when I use either, after installation, only the Web Portal URL works, when I try to use the Web Service URL, that doesn't work... not sure why, any idea? I did find this Microsoft article:

    and it states in *Note:

    Built-in Windows service accounts (Local Service or Network Service) are not supported as report server service accounts on a computer that is a domain controller.


    does that mean it has to use an AD account if the Report Server is part of a domain, or if its a domain controller itself or one of many domain controller (like in a cluster etc.)?

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