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    I have been givin a task and not sure how to handle this, because it would be great if they just wanted page numbers, HOWEVER, they want page numbers by a certain column, example order number:

    example, lets say Order number 1 has 3 pages, so they want the 3 pages to go, page 1/3, page 2/3, page 3/3, then order 2 has 5 pages, so it would go, page 1/5, page 2/5, page 3/5, page 4/5, page 5/5, and they want this at the bottom of each page, i can easily do that with the built in page number for the header or footer... but not sure in this case because header and footer page numbers doesn't do group by... does it? if not, is this something i have to calculate manually, has anyone done this before?


    thanks in advance

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    Thanks for posting your issue and hopefully someone will answer soon.

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