SSRS 2017 Fresh Install

  • First I know this is the wrong place but SSRS 2017 does not appear as yet, so........

    Fresh install on SSRS, build 14.0.600.1274, all went well until trying to trying to connect and then get the error (from the logs\) "Could not find stored procedure 'GetAllFavoriteItems'" and beyond that stuck, any ideas?


  • Thanks for posting your issue and hopefully someone will answer soon.

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  • Does 'GetAllFavoriteItems' exist in your current restored database? Sounds like it can't find it.

  • Thanks for the reply, by fresh install I mean brand new on new server, the database is newly created. Compared with an existing report server installation it appears to have 48 missing stored procedures within the ReportServer database, the GetAllFavoriteItems is the first and only one reported in the RS logs. I know I could simply try copying them from another database and seeing if that works but the question remains as to why this has happened and why should I need to "Fudge" a clean install.

    Essentially something seems to have gone wrong but there is no indication of that during setup, the error is only manifest when running the web portal.


  • You shouldn't need to kludge anything on a clean install. The first thing to check would be the logs from the installation - default location is C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\nnn\Setup Bootstrap\Log. There would be the summary.txt file and (sometimes) an error.txt file. Go through the summary and look for any warnings or errors. There should also be a file that ends with ComponentUpdateSetup.log which is specific to Reporting Services. Those logs may give you some idea of what may have gone wrong.


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