SSIS-Cache Transform

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  • Ah, finally an SSIS question. Thanks!

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  • Thanks for the question.

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  • Another day, another new thing learned, thanks!

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  • I didn't know the answer for certain, but I couldn't imagine a situation where it would be good or practical to have multiples writing to the same cache. Thanks.

  • Koen Verbeeck (3/14/2012)

    Ah, finally an SSIS question. Thanks!

    + 1 🙂

    Everything is awesome!

  • Good question. Learned something...again!

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  • guessed and learned. Thanks for the question and then for the explanation.

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  • tks for the question

  • Guessed and got it right. I've never actually used cache connection managers in SSIS but I may have to look into it. Bring on more SSIS questions! 🙂

  • Thank you for the question, I investigated a little and got it right.

    Even though I still don't use cache transforms in SSIS, it's good to know this just in case it is needed.

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  • No points today, but learned something. Thanks for the question.

  • Nice question and learnt more on SSIS Cache Transform. Thanks.

  • Great question, never heard of cache transforms. Thanks!

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