SSIS as an Execution Engine for Multiple Sql scripts

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  • I deleted this, my apologies.

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  • Yes, I believe this is in the article...

  • Would a driver table of script names with additional attributes such as execution group, order, focus/context, and active/enabled status leverage this? The main SSIS module could just load the script names from there and organize the script runs by the attributes - then you wouldn't have to delete them or rename them or any such hand-work annoyances?

  • Of course you would still have to keep the files tidy. Can they be stuck in a CLOB column-after testing-in the driver table for each and loaded on the fly? This worked really well for me in an Oracle implementation.

  • Yes, that certainly could be done. But we thought it would be an overkill. The log tables keep track of all scripts that were executed. That was enough for us.

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