SQLServerCentral Friday Crossword No 2

  • I have 3 more suggestions:

    1) make it easy for everyone who participated (ie, sent in their best guess at answers) to get the official answers. If the official method of turning in our efforts is via e-mail, then at least send an e-mail back to the participants with a link to the answers when they are posted.

    2) clearly state in the article up-front what date the answers will be available and then honor that date.

    3) do not post the answers in the article itself. That way, people in the future can still play. Instead, when the answers are available, put a link to the answers on the puzzle/article page. That way, when people are ready to check their answers, they can.

  • JJ, if you want to erase an answer, just click on the cell where the word starts, it will open up the clue with your prefilled (in this case, the wrong answer) and just delete and include the new answer and click OK, that should do the trick.



  • Ravi: The problem was that I didn't have an alternative answer. All I knew was that say the third letter had to be a 'p' instead of a 'g'. So, I needed to actually erase the first answer. Because it wouldn't let me erase (as near as I could tell), instead, I had to put in X's for the letters I didn't know. This cluttered the puzzle, making it harder to see which words I still had to work on, and was a pain in terms of user experience. Maybe spaces would have worked, but that would still have been more effort that I wanted. None of this is a major deal. I'm just giving feedback.


    - JJ

  • HI Agree,

    Having to put in spaces wasn't idea when you realised you had the wrong answer but had now replacement for it

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