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  • We are setting up this thread to welcome questions and comments about the latest announcement where Redgate has announced plans to establish a community-run SQLSaturday foundation and donate the SQLSaturday brand and assets. The foundation would support the data platform community to run your own regional SQLSaturday events, which are vital in helping communities across the globe connect, learn, and share. It would be a not-for-profit served by appointed community volunteers.

    As we are still working on the logistics we may not yet be able to answer all questions right away, so please bear with us.

  • This is what my local SQL Saturday organization is doing. Is it material to your efforts?

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    Pittsburgh SQL Server User Group is joining the Azure Data Tech Groups network


    Tue, 02 Mar 2021 18:28:11 +0000 (UTC)


    Meetup <info@meetup.com>






    Pittsburgh SQL Server User Group is now on Meetup Pro

    Pittsburgh SQL Server User Group is now part of Azure Data Tech Groups, a Meetup Pro network.

    This means that the organizer of Pittsburgh SQL Server User Group is making the group part of a larger community managed by Azure Data Tech Groups.

    Your experience as a member of this group won’t change, but membership details, like the number of events you’ve attended, will now be visible to the administrator(s) of Azure Data Tech Groups. Learn more about network administrators and what they can access.

    What's Meetup Pro?

    Meetup Pro helps brands and businesses connect with the communities that matter most to them.

    --Robert Sterbal



    Flower mosaics: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1783957901820381/ (for a fun distraction)

  • No, this is for user groups, not SQL Saturdays.

  • => Huge thank you to RedGate for stepping up the community effort, donating, and saving the brand.

    I think the only people that should be nominated are Andy Warren, Brian Knight, and Steve Jones (a.k.a. ABS). The ABS are the founding fathers of SQL Saturday and should retain the power to steer the ship. The 4th nominated person could be somebody from RedGate to pay respect for their contribution (that being said, that could be Steve again).  Beyond that, everyone else should be elected. Perhaps as temporary measure to restart SQL Saturday brand, the new non-profit could nominate all or some of the 20+ PASS regional mentors to serve as the initial BOD for 6-12 months.

  • Is there a post with a broader perspective on this change?

    The people who took over the local group have done a great job for the last decade. While I wanted to be more involved it was clear to me that what they were doing was working without any input on my part.

  • I think it's good for this to be split out into a notforprofit. Keeping the goal as minimal central revenue but supporting the individual events would be great.

    There's some thinking to be done around how to gel with Data Saturdays.

    I'd also like to see an open source and third party tooling emphasis so that any central sites etc are minimal and community maintained.

  • Latest update, which includes info about the plans for the SQLSaturday foundation: https://pass-email.red-gate.com/w/0K8XwhnKXymitvyfgkrNNQ

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