SQL2000- Restoring Master db in cluster

  • Anyone know the procedure for restoring the master db for SQL 2000 in a Windows 2000 cluster? Both for an active/active and active/passive SQL configuration?

  • Wow, Have you looked at restoring the master, msdb, and model from tape? In an active/passive both nodes share the same physical datafiles and in an active/active the same is still true. So, It stands to reason that normal restore of master should still apply. I have looked through the resource kit,BOL, and technet and don't see any thing directly related to cluster and recovery of master. If the sql server will not start I assume you will have to run the rebuild master tool and then restore from tape. In the past we have basicly always rebuilt the cluster if the drive array went south and restored from tape. If you need more info I will try to dig some up for you.


  • I don't know about the cluster, but you can probably shortcut the restore. If you stop the service and just replace the bad master.mdf with a new "blank" one, when you start it up you should be able to just reattach your other mdf's and move on. I've got an article with some DMO code posted that is a good start on reattaching a bunch of db's.

    I'd recommend setting up a quick test environment (minus the cluster) and try it so you have a feel for it.


  • Thanks guys. I was working with someone that had a problem with this, but when I try to restore using the same procedure used for restoring Master on a standalone system, everything works fine. One thing of interest though, if you add a new parameter to the Enterprise Manager (i.e., "-m" to start SQL in single user mode), the only way to remove this parameter is to hack the registry and remove it.

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